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Land acquisition

We can evaluate land parcels to ascertain if they would be suitable for future development. By working closely with the landowner we can inspect and assess their land to determine if it’s possible to unlock its potential. Leveraging our Network of Professionals we can maximise the financial gain back to the Client.

Land Sourcing

Land sourcing

Using our advanced software and our knowledge of the planning system we can support self-builders in finding and acquiring land for their dream projects.

Residential Development

Residential development

We want to work with Professional builders to provide sustainable and environmentally conscious developments that benefit the communities we live in.

Building Plot Planning


We excel in the identification of land and the gaining of planning permission. BXU Properties’ previous experience in developing urban development strategies for local authorities allows us to understand and work within the Councils Local Development Plans and their planning policies. This knowledge means we can personalise our approach to each scenario, regardless of location, to gain successful planning permission.

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable development solutions

Our lived environment is constantly changing as we become more aware of the impact we as humans are having. Here at BXU we’re encouraged at the technical advances in building materials, technologies and techniques and how they can contribute to a sustainable development future. If you are looking at ways to make your property more efficient or want to reduce your carbon footprint please get in touch.

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