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Mike Symons

Mike Symons

Director of BXU

Hi, I’m Mike and my story is probably a familiar one.

I did what most people think to do. I got my GCSE’s, got my A level’s, went to a good University, got a degree in Civil Engineering and all the while people are telling me, “good decisions,” ”Good choice,” “Engineers are in demand,” ” There’s always work for Engineers.”

I Graduated in 2008 – At this time during the financial crisis Engineers were not in demand.

I was fortunate, I got a job with a large Engineering Company. I went through numerous takeovers, downsizes, restructures, each one bringing the fear of “will I keep my job”. The responsibility grew, the hours got longer, the margins got tighter, and the pay never seemed enough for the effort it needed.

In order to progress you needed a masters or a Chartership, each requiring more hours away from home and what you really wanted to be doing. There was a distinct lack of control.

My time was not my own and not only that my future was not my own. My retirement age seemed to keep going up and I was paying into a pension ran by people who didn’t know me with projections that were not sustainable for the my economic future.

I reached a point where I had to make a change so I created BXU

At BXU we want to help you. I am sure there are a lot of people who have a similar story to me, with all the same problems that I faced.

BXU has been created to help people develop additional revenue streams and increase their wealth through sustainable property investing

At BXU we want to help you take back control, develop financial security and develop additional ways to make money, create a pension and give yourself back time to spend in more positive creative ways.

If this resonates with you then get in touch.

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